Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Majimboism is the way to Go

Government and State (country) are two different things a state is an institutional body recognized within the international system as having a population and defined boarders. How the state is administered is via a government, which can either use a central system (suitable for dictatorships) or a federal system (common in Democracies) just as the USA, Canada and even Australia. No matter how much we computerize administration in a centralized system, loops holes are inevitable; remember the story of the hyena that splits its legs because it decides to go two ways? That is what centralization does. What we need is majimbo or federalism where Nairobi and other provinces are central governments within a single United States of Kenya. 

Right now the temptation and power distribution is too centralized within the so called government of Kenya on an up scale this is good since it reduces tribalism. However it does not result in “creative administration” and has fostered short memories of our precious history. Centralization is a concept of divide and rule, introduced by the British. What we need is a round up of all jobless and high school leaving youth into the national youth service, and then ship them on national development projects around the country. Thereby introducing them to the real Kenya not the one within there tribal boundaries then we can encourage them into. They will earn some pocket money also forcing development projects will speed up development which is currently in the hands of the bourgeoisie (upper class). 

The other issue of concern is Identity, with 9 provinces separated, but falling under one constitution. The provincial governments should be able to tailor individual projects and identify the needs of there citizens. They will also be able to police and administer better since they can come up with provincial license plates and drivers license, there by making it easier to computerize. Crime on issues such as cars should decrease; if a suspected car is pulled over the dater base is smaller hence, much faster to access. It is also easier to identify when in another province. Tax collection will be easier and creation of jobs and balancing and/(or) eradication of tribalism will be much easier. The positions of DC and DO should be removed and upgraded to senators who can debate equalization payments (inter-provincial debt and payment) and other issues on national levels thereby reducing the need for foreign debt which is largely unaccounted for due to the loop holes within a central government. 

The last thing I should mention about Identity is the eradication of Postal boxes; hand delivering mail to houses should start immediately. This will create a need for better identification of street addresses for policing and other special services. It will also open up jobs to thousands of Kenyans. 

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